Discover the Finest 10 Autoflowering Weed Strains

When it comes to autoflowering cannabis strains, speed, strength, flavor, and compactness are key factors. However, not all strains deliver the same level of performance. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a list of the 10 absolute best autoflowering cultivars available, which even includes four groundbreaking F1 hybrid varieties. With these strains, you can achieve exceptional results effortlessly every time you cultivate.

Autoflowering cannabis strains have gained immense popularity among growers for good reason. They offer rapid growth, potent effects, and the convenience of flowering without requiring a change in light exposure. Additionally, their compact size makes them perfect for discreet cultivation. Discover the unmatched benefits of autoflowering strains and fall in love with their remarkable characteristics.

While traditional autoflowering cultivars already boast numerous benefits, F1 hybrid autos take things to the next level. Originating from pure inbred lines, these varieties possess the coveted hybrid vigor. In simple terms, this means they offer larger yields, increased disease resistance, superior uniformity, and more robust buds. Whether you’re a newcomer to autoflowering strains or seeking to enhance your current results, incorporating F1 hybrids into your seed collection will elevate your cultivation experience.

Whether you prefer the tried-and-true traditional autos or the cutting-edge F1 hybrids, we are here to present you with the crème de la crème of autoflowering strains to grow in 2023. Discover the pinnacle of autoflowering genetics and unlock the full potential of your cultivation endeavors.


  1.  Royal gorilla automatic
  2.  Titan f1
  3.  Triple g automatic
  4.  Cookies gelato automatic
  5.  Amnesia haze automatic
  6.  Medusa f1
  7.  Epsilon f1
  8.  Hulkberry automatic
  9.  Orion f1
  10.  Watermelon automatic


1. Royal Gorilla Automatic

Gone are the days when autoflowering strains were dismissed by growers. In the past, they couldn’t compete with photoperiodic strains in terms of yield, potency, and flavor. However, one autoflower has changed the game and demands respect: Royal Gorilla Automatic. This exceptional auto, hailing from the US West Coast, is a cross of Royal Gorilla, Royal Cookies, and ruderalis. Meticulously bred for outstanding performance, formidable potency, and abundant resin production, she is a true standout. Indoors, she yields up to 400g/m² of dense buds in just 8–10 weeks from seed.

With an impressive THC content of 20%, Royal Gorilla Automatic delivers a powerful punch. Starting with a euphoric and uplifting head high, she transitions into a deeply relaxing couch-lock experience. When you indulge in her delights, expect a delightful combination of Diesel flavors accompanied by notes of citrus, pine, and fruitiness.

2. Titan F1

Prepare to be amazed by the revolutionary Titan F1 autoflowering genetics. While cannabis breeders have made great strides in improving autoflowering strains, RQS has taken them to unprecedented heights. Titan F1 stands tall as one of the fastest and most productive autos available. With its lineage tracing back to pure parent lines, this F1 hybrid harnesses the power of hybrid vigor, resulting in bountiful harvests, exceptional disease resistance, and elevated levels of THC and other cannabinoids.

Regardless of your growing environment, Titan F1 thrives both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its remarkable uniformity, each plant shares the same size and structure, eliminating the unpredictability of different phenotypes. With a maximum height of 65cm, this variety offers discreet cultivation while still delivering substantial yields. Prepare to reap the rewards of your efforts after a short 73-day journey from germination. Get ready to witness the prowess of Titan F1 firsthand.

3. Triple G Automatic

Don’t let the end of the outdoor season bring you down, because strains like Triple G Automatic offer a glimmer of hope. As autumn and winter approach, you can switch gears and continue growing indoors, allowing you to enjoy another harvest in just a matter of weeks. While many autoflowering strains perform well in tents and grow rooms, Triple G Auto truly shines with its rapid growth, compact stature, and impressive THC content. By combining the genetics of Triple G and Big Skunk Auto, our breeders have created a cultivar that surpasses many autoflowers and photoperiods, boasting a THC content of 20% and a delightful terpene profile featuring sweet and chocolatey notes. This potent combination delivers a truly blissful and euphoric experience, perfect for lazy afternoons and evenings.

For those seeking discretion, look no further! Triple G Automatic is the ideal choice for covert growers, as it remains compact at a height of 60–120cm while producing generous yields of up to 500g/m². Expect to harvest this beauty in just 10–12 weeks from germination, ensuring a quick turnaround for your indoor cultivation. Get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor and indulge in the euphoric effects of Triple G Automatic.

Prepare to be amazed by Cookies Gelato Automatic—a strain that truly has it all. With high levels of THC, stunning purple buds, and bountiful yields, this cultivar is a perfect choice for indoor growers. How did it acquire such a remarkable combination of traits? Our breeders skillfully crossed Cookies Gelato with Big Skunk Auto, resulting in a progeny boasting 75% indica genetics, 20% sativa genetics, and 5% ruderalis. When you indulge in these flowers through blunts or bongs, be prepared for a creative and deeply relaxing high, complemented by delectable flavors of cookies, earth, fruit, and honey.

After the outdoor season comes to a close, Cookies Gelato Auto shines as the ideal option for your indoor growing space. This strain reaches a manageable height of 90–140cm, and with the application of training techniques, you can keep her on the lower end of that range. In as little as 10 weeks from sprouting, you’ll be ready to start harvesting and trimming the frosty purple buds. Make sure to have plenty of jars on hand, as this cultivar can yield up to an impressive 500g/m². Prepare to be captivated by the exceptional qualities of Cookies Gelato Automatic.

5. Amnesia Haze Automatic

Experience the legendary sativa, the original Amnesia, with its dedicated fan base and euphoric high. While many consider it challenging to grow due to its lengthy flowering period and demanding nutrient requirements, fear not! Amnesia Haze Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is here to revolutionize your growing experience. Say goodbye to the long wait, as this fabulous autoflowering variant only takes 80–85 days from germination to harvest. Plus, she maintains a convenient height of 80–150cm, making her highly manageable.

Amnesia Haze Automatic delivers the same exceptional cerebral and uplifting effects that made her predecessor renowned. Prepare to be captivated by her classic Haze aroma, a delightful blend of earthy and citrus notes in full force. With proper care to avoid overfeeding, growing and enjoying the benefits of Amnesia Haze Automatic becomes a breeze.

6. Medusa F1

Medusa F1 defies expectations by showcasing a dense layer of trichomes instead of a head full of snakes. These trichomes work tirelessly during the flowering phase, generating an abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes. When consumed, the combination of high levels of THC, CBG, and terpenes like ocimene, farnesene, and caryophyllene harmoniously create a physically soothing high that uplifts the mind.

With remarkable vigor, this F1 hybrid stands among the top-tier autoflowering strains in terms of yield. Not only does Medusa F1 produce ample dense buds, but she also matures in just 72 days from germination. Whether cultivated indoors or outdoors, Medusa F1 thrives in various conditions, effortlessly handling excess humidity and pest pressures.

7. Epsilon F1

Not all growers are fortunate enough to cultivate in warm and dry climates where plant diseases are rare. If you find yourself battling heavy rain and high humidity during your outdoor grows, Epsilon F1 is the solution that significantly increases your chances of success.

Epsilon F1 not only possesses strong resistance against fungal pathogens like Botrytis, but her rapid growth also makes her perfect for regions with short growing seasons. With a compact size and a quick 60-day growing cycle, this little powerhouse will reach harvest time swiftly—make sure you have enough stash jars on hand! Once you’ve dried and cured your buds, you’ll be treated to fruity flavors and a relaxing high that will put you in the mood to unwind and kick back.

8. HulkBerry Automatic

The original HulkBerry strain shattered the limits of cannabinoid production and left the European cannabis community in awe with its powerful and potent highs. Royal Queen Seeds has successfully captured the essence of this legendary experience in an autoflowering variant.

By crossing HulkBerry with Diesel Automatic, a sativa-dominant offspring was created, showcasing long, tapered flowers with a remarkable THC level of 21%. As you open a jar filled with these buds, the air is infused with a delightful blend of sweet and fruity terpenes, providing a tantalizing preview of the flavors to come.

HulkBerry Auto flourishes in mild climates and thrives particularly well in grow tents and greenhouses, reaching a manageable height of 80–120cm. Indoor plants reward growers with impressive yields of 450–500g/m² and respond favorably to low-stress training techniques. Outdoor plants offer respectable yields of 100–150g/plant, especially when interplanted with companion species like basil. From the moment your seeds germinate, anticipate a quick harvest in just 8–9 weeks.

The initial excitement of germinating cannabis seeds can quickly fade when the realization of the waiting game sets in. However, Orion F1 is here to alleviate those concerns. This F1 hybrid cannabis seed is all about speed. Once germinated, she springs into action, rapidly growing taller and producing lush fan leaves to fuel her progress. With excellent disease resistance, she remains resilient against various pests and pathogens. At her peak, she reaches a modest height of 80cm and starts forming dazzling buds brimming with dense trichomes. The best part? You’ll only need to wait 70 days to snip off these buds and begin the drying process.

But speed isn’t the only thing Orion F1 offers. She packs a punch that rivals most other autos on the market. With high levels of THC, a touch of CBG, and a delightful blend of fruity terpenes, she delivers a deeply relaxing and stoning experience. So grab your favorite snacks, set the mood with some tunes, and immerse yourself in the journey Orion F1 has to offer!

10. Watermelon Automatic

Watermelon Automatic brings together the best of both worlds with its high THC levels and moderate CBD content, delivering a grounding and comforting high that suits any time of day. True to its fruity name, each inhale of this strain bursts with the refreshing taste of watermelon, especially when experienced through a vape. Prepare to be amazed when harvest time arrives. Even when surrounded by other stunning strains, Watermelon Auto’s deep purple hues and abundant resin will undoubtedly steal the spotlight. However, these dense colas aren’t just visually appealing; they also boast an impressive THC content of 20%.

With a manageable height ranging from 80 to 110cm, cultivating this variety in your grow room is a breeze. And the best part? You’ll be able to start trimming and collecting up to 500g/m² of buds a mere 8 weeks after your seeds sprout, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor in no time.